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Tony Pacini shows this week:

This FRIDAY, September 30th:
THE TONY PACINI TRIO performs at Wilf's Restaurant and Jazz Lounge
7:00pm to 11:00pm. Featuring: Tony Pacini-piano, Ed Bennett-bass, and Tim Rap-drums.

This SATURDAY, October 1st:
The Tony Pacini performs at Portland Prime located at the Downtown Embassy Suites Hotel
7:30pm to 11:00pm Featuring: Tony Pacini-piano, Ed Bennett-bass, and Mel Brown-drums.

WED, NOV 2nd: Jazz Reunion! Chuck Redd on vibes with the Mel Brown Quartet at Jimmy Mak's in the Pearl.

FRI, NOV 4th: Chuck Redd on drums with the Tony Pacini Trio (World Simulcast) at Classic Pianos Concert Hall.

Shows this week

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THIS FRIDAY, September 30th, 2016: The TONY PACINI TRIO Performs Featuring jazz pianist Tony Pacini, with bassist Ed Bennett, and drummer Tim Rap at Wilf's Restaurant and Jazz Lounge, located at Union Train Station. 7:00pm-11:00pm. For reservations and ticket info, click this link. Tony Pacini Live Shows.

Every Saturday Evening, Jazz pianist Tony Pacini performs with bassist Ed Bennett, and drummer Mel Brown at Portland Prime 7:30pm-11:00pm For reservations and ticket info, click this link. Tony Pacini Live Shows.

Tony Pacini & RADIO - NEW TIME: "Jazz Connections" Every Sunday Afternoon; 4:00pm-6:00pm Every Sunday from 4:00pm - 6:00pm. Don't miss "Jazz Connections" hosted by jazz pianist Tony Pacini on Portland's Jazz Radio, K.M.H.D. 89.1 FM.

This month's shows: The full schedule

[+ Gigs At A Glance...Some Great Shows Coming Up In 2015! ]Tony Pacini's Upcoming Performances.

Great Shows In 2015! The Tony Pacini Trio performs the last Friday every month at Wilf's Restaurant, and the first Friday every month at the Heathman Hotel. Additionally, catch Tony Pacini every Saturday night at Portland Prime in trio form, and with the Mel Brown Quartet Wednesdays at Jimmy Mak's. On Friday, May 22nd, 2015 you will find jazz pianist Tony Pacini performing a live concert/recording/world-wide simulcast at Classic Pianos with internationally celebrated drummer Chuck Redd and bassist Ed Bennett. Be in the audience that night and receive a copy of the recording, or stream the show from any part of the world you might be in, but for sure, don't miss this special evening. Don't miss any of the exciting jazz in 2015 - life's too short to have not witnessed magically sponataneous moments. For details scroll down this page...For ticket info stop by the schedule page. Read more...
Jazz is always the perfect gift. Tony Pacini Trio CD Live At Jimmy Mak's Tony Pacini Trio CD - I'll Close My Eyes Tony Pacini CD - Piano A La Carte CCNow - Our authorized online retailer.

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